Middle Income Group Scheme (MIGS): All You Need to Know


The Middle Income Group Scheme (MIGS) has been introduced by the Supreme Court of India. The scheme is a self-supporting scheme, which will provide legal services to the middle and lower income groups.

Under the scheme, middle income group citizens who are unable to afford the expensive litigation would be able to avail the legal services for a nominal amount.

MIGS: Key Facts

1. MIGS will provide legal services to the people of middle income group whose gross income is Rs.60, 000 per month or below, or Rs. 7, 50, 000 per annum.

2. Under the MIG Legal Aid Scheme, a legal case will be registered under and will be forwarded to Advocate-on-Record, Arguing Counsel or Senior Counsel on the panel seeking their opinion.

3. If the Advocate-on-Record is satisfied with the case, then the society has to consider that applicant entitled to legal aid.

4. The opinions of Advocate-on Record will be considered as final opinion for determining applicant’s eligibility to obtain benefits provided under the scheme.

5. Under the scheme, a society will be formed with Chief Justice of India (CJI) acting as Patron-in-Chief. The society will also include Solicitor General as its Honorary Secretary, Attorney General as its ex-officio Vice President, and other senior advocates as members of the society.

6. If it is found that an advocate who has been appointed under the scheme is negligent in pursuing the case assigned to him, then he has to return the brief along with the fee received from the applicant.

7. The entire responsibility of the negligent conduct will be of the advocated, and the society will held any responsibility for it.

8. The Advocate found with negligent conduct will be removed from the panel of the society, under the scheme.

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