Launch of No More Tension mobile App and Healthy India Magazine


The increasing numbers of diseases, pollution rate and many other factors have made us more conscious about our health and on how to improve it without affecting our daily routine. Union health minister J.P. Nadda has made a great attempt to solve this issue by launching ‘Healthy India Initiative/Swastha Bharat-ek pehal’ magazine and ‘no more tension’ mobile app as a part of the digital India programme by the government. This magazine and app aim to increase health awareness and improves our health by simple yet key changes in our life.

‘No more tension’ app

  • ‘No more tension’ app has been released with the intention of helping to managing and reducing stress.
  • In today’s fast paced and hectic world we get drained and stressed, this affects our whole routine as well as body functions thereby leading to many health issues and diseases. In order to avoid all these issues it is crucial to reduce our stress levels and this app aims to do just that without much hassle.
  • This app provides the user with the much needed information of stress like how it is caused, what are its effects on the body, how to identify it and how to manage it.
  • This app helps the users to measure their stress levels and suggests various methods like meditation, yoga etc. for reducing stress in their life thereby allowing them to leady a healthier life.
  • ‘No more tension’ app can be downloaded easily from the App store and Google play store; it is soon going to be available on Windows.

‘Healthy India Initiative/Swastha Bharat-ek pehal’ magazine

    • We all aim to improve our health but don’t have the needed information to do that but the Indian government has come up with a simple magazine that is easy to carry around and will provide you with information needed for improving your health.
    • This magazine will be a quarterly magazine (will be published every four months) that will cater to the health needs of men, women, children, elderly. And will also cover other aspects of health like safe medication practices, daily needed nutrition, home remedies, seasonal ailments and much more that are surely help you improve your health.
    • This magazine is said to be available in all the government facilities and it will available free of cost making it acquirable for citizen of all economic stages weather poor or rich.
    • The government has taken another step towards digital India by making this magazine available as an e-book that can be downloaded.
    • This magazine will be firstly available in Hindi and English then in the future it will be available in 13 more languages, so as to be legible in various parts of India that do not prefer English or Hindi.

‘Healthy India Initiative/Swastha Bharat-ek pehal’ magazine and ‘No more tension’ mobile app are a great example of how much India has improved as a country and how much it is modernising.

India has now become a country that not only focuses on its economic condition, politics etc. but has also become a country that strives to improve the health of their citizens by launching such apps and magazines. If more such facilities are launched by our government then in no time we will have a much improved India which I for one look forward to.

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