Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) Season 9 Episode 19 & 20 Questions & Answers

KBC questions answers

Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) is one of the most loved quiz show on Indian television, hosted by Amitabh Bachchan. The show includes general knowledge questions and for answering every question, the contestant is awarded a prize money. From current affairs, mythology, history, to entertainment, questions are asked. This general knowledge quiz show is a perfect way to improve your GK while getting entertained.

Here we have compiled questions and answers from KBC season 9 episode 19 and 20. Give them a try and share your score in the comments below.

KBC 9 Episode 19 Questions

Ques 1. Which of these organizations has announced the Dragonfly mission for Saturn’s natural satellite Titan, which will launch in 2026?
C. European Space Agency
D. Roscosmos
Ques 2. Often, on social media, which of these is used loosely when a person is surprised and excited about something?
Ques 3. In which of these exercises, arms are most commonly used?
A. Crunches
B. Push-ups
C. Squats
D. Sit-ups
Ques 4. Which of the following is the name of one of the highest mountains in the world?
A. R2-D2
B. CO2
C. O2
D. K2
Ques 5. Which of these products are available in mechanical and quartz types?
A. Mobile phone
B. Calculator
C. Wrist watch
D. Radio
Ques 6. On whose Twitter bio it reads “Ruhi and Yash’s father! Heeru and Yash’s son ____”?
A. Akshay Kumar
B. Ajay Devgn
C. Karan Johar
D. Arjun Rampal
Ques 7. Which composition of Premchand is the story of a 4 year old orphan boy Hamid, who lives with his grandmother Amina?
A. Namak ka daroga
B. Kafan
C. Haj-e-akbar
D. Idgah
Ques 8. Which day is celebrated every 2 years from the year 2015, in honor of an incident that took place on 9 January 1915?
A. Foundation Day of New Delhi
B. Overseas Indian Day
C. First World War Memorial Day
D. Full Swaraj Day
Ques 9. Which of the following mammals lays eggs?
A. Platypus
B. Fruit bat
C. Blue whale
D. Red panda
Ques 10. Which of these tissues in human body connects two bones?
A. Tendon
B. Ligament
C. Enamel
D. Nephron

KBC 9 Episode 20 Questions

Ques 1. Which poet wrote these lines in the Ghazal, “kaise akash mein surakh ho nahi sakta, ek patthar to tabiyat se uchhalo yaro”?
A. Dushyant Kumar
B. Jayshankar Prasad
C. Dharamveer Bharti
D. Makhanlal Chaturvedi
Ques 2. The first woman cabinet minister of independent India, Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, was a minister of which department?
A. Home
B. Road & Tourism
C. Health
D. Finance
Ques 3. Which of these is usually baked?
A. Kachori
B. Rumali roti
C. Poori
D. Samosa
Ques 4. Which of the following competitions are usually held upto a certain distance on the streets of a city ?
A. 400metre hurdle
B. Steeplechase
C. Decathlon
D. Marathon
Ques 5. On which of these banks can you not take a loan personally?
A. State Bank of India
B. Union Bank of India
C. Punjab National Bank
D. Reserve Bank of India
Ques 6. Dengvacassia is a vaccine given to build immunity against which of the following diseases?
A. Bile fever
B. Dengi
C. Malaria
D. Diphtheria
Ques 7. Which species of buffalo found in Haryana and Punjab, known for its abundant milk production, is also called “black gold”?
A. Jafrabadi
B. Murra
C. Mehsanda
D. Surti
Ques 8. Who has been the Chief Minister of Haryana for the longest time?
A. Bansi Lal
B. Chaudhary Devilal
C. Omprakash Chautala
D. Bhupendra Singh Hooda
Ques 9. Who among the iconic villains of Hindi cinema appeared on screen before the other three?
A. Mogambo (Amrish Puri)
B. Gabbar Singh (Amjad Khan)
C. Shakaal (Kulbhushan Kharbanda)
D. Langda Tyagi (Saif Ali Khan)
Ques 10. In 1919, people gathered in Jallianwala Bagh to protest peacefully against the arrest and deportation of mainly two of these leaders?
A. Abbas Tayabji & CR Das
B. Hansraj & Mahadev Desa
C. Dr. Satyapal & Dr. Saifuddin Kichlu
D. Udham Singh & Pupul Jaikar

KBC 9 Episode 19 Answers 

Ans 1. B. NASA
Ans 2. B. OMG
Ans 3. B. Push-ups
Ans 4. D. K2
Ans 5. C. Wrist watch
Ans 6. C. Karan Johar
Ans 7. D. Idgah
Ans 8. B. Overseas Indian Day
Ans 9. A. Platypus
Ans 10. B. Ligament

KBC 9 Episode 20 Answers 

Ans 1. A. Dushyant Kumar
Ans 2. C. Health
Ans 3. B. Rumali roti
Ans 4. D. Marathon
Ans 5. D. Reserve Bank of India
Ans 6. B. Dengi
Ans 7. B. Murra
Ans 8. A. Bansi Lal
Ans 9. B. Gabbar Singh (Amjad Khan)
Ans 10. C. Dr. Satyapal & Dr. Saifuddin Kichlu

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