India’s First Online Oncology Tutorial


Cancer is a chronic disease that consumes thousands of lives each year. Most of the patients die because it is not diagnosed at the right time and it’s too late for proper treatment.  Another reason is the funds required for treatment. To tackle this problem Government of India has come up with a new project.  On 4th of January, Smt Preeti Sudan launched India’s first digital Online Oncology Tutorial Series in collaboration with the Health Ministry. This series has been developed by the Tata Memorial Center under Department of Atomic energy, Government of India. The purpose of this tutorial is to train doctors with the ability to detect, prevent and treat various types of cancers. It shall provide them with the knowledge of rehabilitation of patients suffering from cancer, which is specifically very poor in our country.

Addressing the media, secretary of HFW said that it’s is a visionary step towards improving and strengthening health services and healthcare in India by enabling IT to take over. Using the latest advancements in the field of IT one can use it for the purpose of learning and teaching. This will benefit the patients as well as the doctors. This will help save many precious lives and help in improving their life. It will also enable gynecologists, physicians, dentists and other doctors to be able to detect and diagnose cancer or formation of cancer in the early stages.

This training program will stretch for a period of 7 weeks which will have modules for different types of cancers. This shall provide the doctors with an e-learning experience of 14 hours through video lectures. There would be 40 video lectures which the doctors would be required to take. Apart from these lectures, there would be assessment, case studies and interactive web seminars with the doctors of TATA Memorial Hospital. This is also a project which will benefit the downtrodden section of the society as doctors would diagnose them for cancer without charging. After these sessions doctors are sure to get comprehensive knowledge about cancer prevention and cure and a lot of experience. They shall be equipped with technology and skills to do so. The video lectures will provide doctors with evidence-based guidelines to help detect and manage cancer.

The program will ensure that doctors who cannot attend physical lectures and seminars due to lack of time, can attend these web seminars and video lectures. This way they can utilize their time for the benefit of themselves and the patients. This shall bring robustness in hospitals and especially cancer treatment hospitals. The initiative is initiated by the Tata Memorial center, an organization which works for cancer patients and provide aid for the treatment of the poor.

This will definitely be a great step towards the treatment of cancer patients. The advancements of the West will be shared with the indigenous doctors which will provide better services in hospitals. Doctors can join the course online by registering themselves on the website provided by the Health Ministry.

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