Importance Of Class 12th Result In Student’s Life

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Education is a fulcrum for sustainable development. According to Sustainable Development Goal 4, Education should be inclusive, equitable, quality and promote life-long learning opportunities for all.

India’s current literacy level is 90.2% and offers senior secondary level from class XI to XII. Students at senior high school level specialise in Arts, Science or Commerce.

Are 12th results significant?

For many who score was not satisfactory will ask the importance of class 12th results in a student’s life. Read along as you get insights on the benefits of class 12th results.

1. Improves Literacy Level. The level of education is a fundamental indicator of development. When India’s literacy level increases, there is room for modernization, urbanisation, industrialisation, and commerce.

The economy of a country develops rapidly boosting the Gross Domestic Product which will convert India to a developed country.

2. Senior Secondary Nurtures students. By enrolling students in Class XII, they can understand the complexities of politics, their importance as citizens and the rights to vote, unlike middle, secondary students. This contributes to the future of India.

3. It is a stage of transition to work. Senior secondary education focus is on transition and stabilisation. When students leave senior school, they are ready for the world market.
Education prepares them on what to expect and what better way to address challenges ahead like early marriages, job market, and social stigma.

4. Builds Career Progression. Class XII in India equips a student with the right expertise needed for a career goal.

Education creates eligibility criterion for the job market industry. The world weighs us by our education skills and how well we apply them.

5. Builds Character. Class XII results give a student confidence and develop abilities to think and judge. The results foster equality and socialism in the society.

6. Lead to Financial Stability. Class XII results are important in the job market today. It weighs that highly qualified candidate and the not so educated candidate.

An employer will mostly go for the qualified candidate. A qualified candidate will not require much investment regarding company’s time and money.

7. Builds Intellectuals. Class XII results steer the path of development and progress of an economy. Students can go ahead and become scientists, inventors, teachers, politicians, and engineers. Education impacts personal growth to students in class xii.

8. Creates Job Providers. Class XII produces students who will become job providers. With time a student will no longer feel the need to be employed but prefers to be self-employed. Class XII results help create entrepreneurs.

9. It Increases the Agility of the Brain. Studies show that educated people live longer. Class XII education triggers the mind to have the urge to find answers to questions and finding solutions. Students can do research on diet and lifestyle on good health practices.

10. Class XII Results Increases Self Esteem. A student tends to have high self-esteem. They have a better way of solving problems and are equipped to handle the everyday decision.

Class XII results play an important continuous role in the sphere life of a student. Our task as parents and leader is to find out the drawbacks of the system and find last solutions. Education is the key to development

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