Health Issues Faced by Govt Exam Aspirants and Remedies to Tackle Them

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Studying for long hours without proper breaks and rest, is a call to health issues. Govt job aspirants often face medical issues during their preparation period. Their tight study schedule impacts their health adversely in most of the cases. Student Health Issues Faced By Govt Exam Aspirants. 

Out of all the health issues faced by govt job aspirants, poor nourishment and lack of exercise are the most common. Aspirants make themselves busy in studies that they don’t care about food and sleep. Eating disorders are the commonest of all that directly impacts their behavior, attitude and preparation. Just to tell you, Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are most common symptoms of eating disorder.

Don’t Take Eating Disorder Lightly 

Eating disorders can cause serious physical and mental issues that may become life-threatening problems like kidney failure, loss of female mensuration, heart problems. Gastrointestinal issues like bloating, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), indigestion, and constipation; and mental problems like anorexia and acute stress. Many studies have reported that study stress can lead to severe health issues in some cases.

Depression Among Govt Job Aspirants

Depression is a serious and very common illness seen among government exam aspirants. While suffering from depression, symptoms like fatigue, indecisiveness, anger, loss of interest, change in weight, sleeplessness can be seen commonly among aspirants.

Several research have shown that sitting for long hours can cause health issues, which include metabolic syndrome, increase in blood pressure, obesity and irregular cholesterol. Studies have also revealed that most common mental illness is anxiety disorder. Fearfulness, irritability, lack of concentration, stress, shortness of breath, dizziness, sweating, muscle pain, and irregular heartbeat are common symptoms of anxiety disorders.

Government examination aspirants can take these steps to tackle the health issues:

Aspirants should eat at short intervals. There meal should be a combination of mineral, protein and vitamins. They should follow a healthy diet that provides optimum energy.

Candidates should include a break after every two to three hours. Following this will help them in controlling gastrointestinal problems.

Doing regular exercise is a must for all aspirants

  • If suffering with severe eating disorders aspirants should consult doctor.
  • To get rid of depression, psychotherapy can help.
  • To overcome mental health issues aspirants can avail counselling.

The Bottom Line

In present scenario students preparing for govt exams or any other competitive exam undergo several health issues that immensely impact their exam preparation and result. It is advised to follow the right study schedule, make themselves mentally and physically strong to stay away from all the problems discussed above, and stay focused.

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