Effective digitization Efforts of Indian Legislation Bodies


The All India Whips Conference held on 8th of January 2018 brought a proposal to implement e-Sansad in Parliament House and e-Vidhan in State Legislatures. The conference which was held in Udaipur was inaugurated by Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Chemicals and Fertilizers, Mr. Ananth Kumar. This conference was organized by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs especially to deliberate on this proposal. The aim is to increase the efficiency and speed of work of the law making bodies of the country. This should be a positive step towards transparency and productivity of Government work.

The aim of e-Sansad and e-Vidhan is to make the functioning and working of Parliament and State legislative assemblies paperless. As said by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs such a project is expected to bring productivity, responsiveness, accountability and transparency in the working of the government. Apart from the motto of promoting digitalization in India, such a step is of great importance, especially towards the environment. The government truly indicates its policy and initiative of ‘Go green.‘

There are a few states which have tried to bring in digitalization in the working of their respective Legislature, but in the other states, the old conventional way is creating piles of documents and papers.  The meeting held deliberated on this issue and tried to find a better way of functioning which they already have in the form of e-Sansad and e-Vidhan.  The ministry confirmed that it would provide the funds for implementation of e-Vidhan in the State legislatures

There were other recommendations too regarding the efficient functioning of the Legislatures. The Whips also incorporated their thought into the project and made it more robust. These recommendations will be forwarded to the chief ministers of various states, State Minister for the Department of Parliamentary Affairs and the person in the chair in the state legislative assemblies.

Therefore, no doubt this shall be a game changer in the history of Indian politics. It has numerous advantages and no disadvantage as such can be deliberated. From getting digitalized and increasing work efficiency to saving the environment, this is sure to bring in some quirky results in the future.

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