Ecocide Bill of France – What It Is?

Ecocide Bill of France

French national assembly has taken a step towards tackling climate change by approving the ecocide law to protect the environment. The ecocide measure was passed by 44 votes to 10 in the lower house of the Parliament.

The aim targeted with this law is to strengthen the sanctions available in the country to deal with “serious and durable” cases of intentional pollution of air, water, or soil.

A Look At The Background

  • The French President Emmanuel Macron, on April 15 announced the creation of Citizens Convention for Climate.
  • The convention was aimed to decrease the Green House Gas Emissions by 40% as compared to what it was in 1990. To achieve this idea of making ecocide as crime was proposed by the convention.
  • The Convention was launched as result of Gillet Jaunes Crisis, also called as Yellow Vests Movement.

Ecocide Bill of France – Key Features

  • Under the Ecocide bill of France, the transgressors are liable up to 10 years in prison and a fine of 4.5 million Euros.
  • The law is to punish those who endanger the environment or commit a general crime of pollution. Such environment offenders will be punished with 3 years in prison and a fine of 300,000 Euros.

Understanding Yellow Vests Movement

  • The movement started condemning the rise of fuel price in France.
  • The French President stated that the reason to impose the fuel tax was to discourage the use of fossil fuels in order to combat climate change.
  • The Yellow Vests Movement called for redistributive economic policies like minimum wage, increased pensions, reduced salaries for politicians and wealth tax.

Wrap Up

After a long fight, France has finally approved to consider ecocide as a crime against humanity. Over the years, countless crimes have been carried out against ecosystems and their inhabitants that needed to be addressed. Also you must know that the Citizens Convention for Climate defines Ecocide as “Any action that causes serious environmental damage by contributing to overstepping the limits of the planet”.

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