Indian Government Offering Freelance Opportunities Through Digital India Platform (DIP)


The present government of India is focussed on digitizing the country. All documents are being converted to digital as it is comparatively easier to store digital files. Additionally digital storage facilities are also being created for the normal public. Digital documents are not only environment-friendly, they also have a lot of other advantages over their analog forms. It is much easier to duplicate and transmit digital documents through the web.

The vast digitization plans being implemented through the country also has resulted in a lot of job opportunities. People who have a basic computer education and a working internet connection can get work from these government initiatives. As the number of documents needing conversion to the digital format is quite huge, it has the potential to offer employment to a large number of computer proficient population of the country.

All the information printed on government documents and similar official papers are being converted to digital format. Now due to the fact that there are an immense number of files to be converted to digital format, the government has decided to employ freelancers for completing the task faster. So any person with basic typing skills, a computer and a working internet connection can do this work. All this will be available on the soon to be launched Digital India platform. The beta version of this platform is already up and running.

As some of the various government documents contain critical and sensitive information in them, necessary steps will be taken to prevent freelancers from gaining any confidential information. The information on the documents will be scanned and all the lines will be separated from each other. After this, the registered users of this platform will be provided with the lines on a random basis. Since the lines don’t have much meaning on their own, the freelancers won’t be able to get any confidential information while performing their tasks. The government will pay the typists depending upon the number of characters they type.

This move is quite beneficial as it provides a sizeable chunk of the young population of this country with employment opportunities. Also switching to digital storage of documents is environment-friendly. A lot of trees will be saved as paper won’t be a requirement for making documents. Any person wishing to earn good amount of money, can go to the DIP (digital India platform) and register. There are no requirement or qualifications required before registering. All that is required is basic knowledge of computer and typing skills.

The government is also adopting an innovative method for making the digital documents error free. A single line of characters will be provided to two freelancers. Now if both of them type the line correctly their results will match. If there is any mismatch then either of the freelancers has made a mistake. After they have correctly typed the line the pay will be divided between the two individuals. This procedure ensures that any errors in the documents can be discovered and rectified without much labour.

Freelancers have a worthy opportunity here to work for Indian government. From the comfort of their homes, they can easily type these government documents and can also make a handsome amount of money out of it. The government will pay the freelancers on a character basis, the greater the number of characters, higher the paycheck. The Digital India platform will soon be fully operational.

All those who are interested in freelancing under the DIP will be permitted to choose multiple languages in which they are able to work. I hope the article helped you well in understanding the DIP and guided you well on how to become a part of the DIP.

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