Career Options For Sanskrit Graduates


Sanskrit is one of the most ancient languages to be spoken; it is the basis for emergence of various languages like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi and many other Indian languages.

Many words in English have also known to be based on Sanskrit words like ‘Mother’ derived from ‘Mathar’. Learning Sanskrit will enhance your understanding of the various Indian scriptures and will give you a better understanding of the Indian culture.

Sanskrit is a globally respected language and courses pertaining to Sanskrit can be found in most of Indian Universities and many foreign Universities also. I would suggest these courses to people who already have a history or prior experience with Sanskrit in their school days.

The candidate applying for Sanskrit graduation should have at least passed 10+2 exams successfully with their second language as Sanskrit.


  • This course is suitable for those who are willing to fight for the decreasing importance of Sanskrit and increasing western influence.
  • The candidate must be ready to face the lack of importance given to their degree in private sectors.
  • The candidate also will have to work really hard as Sanskrit is quite a hard language to master (writing and speaking).
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills are very essential in the candidate.

Career options for Sanskrit Graduates
Though Sanskrit is an almost extinct language, the roots and allure of Sanskrit is it well and good. Sanskrit graduates can have a bright career and those can be:

– Interpreters/ Translators: The fascination with ancient Indian texts and Vedas is very much alive, with the western world showing particular interest. A Sanskrit graduate can work as a Interpreters/ translators for archaeologists, historians, writers etc. whose subject has connection or is based mainly on Sanskrit documents or scripts.

  • For this job the candidate has to have knowledge of English so he/ she can communicate with their employer and their communication skills should also be excellent.
  • This job is quite good paying with no fixed salary. The salary will depend on the project you take up on, how long it goes on and the amount and time it consumes.
  • This job will give you a chance to meet a lot of fascinating people and get to know new things from the texts you are to interpret.

– Media and mass communication: Sanskrit graduates are generally well versed in Hindi as Hindi is mainly derived from Sanskrit. This will open you to many career avenues.

  • Hindi news readers and writers are also quite in demand so this will make a good career option.
  • For this job communication skills are vital, the candidate must be fluent in reading writing Hindi.
  • The salary of the candidate will depend on position he /she can acquire.

– Teaching: Many institutions both private and government offer a range of Sanskrit courses therefore there are many openings for teachers.

  • Candidates have to pass an exam to qualify as teachers and should maintain patience and good communication skills in order to teach their students.
  • Salary will be based on the institution.

These are the three main jobs that offer good salary, other than a few low salary jobs that can be acquired as a Sanskrit graduate.

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