Business Intelligence – An Intelligent Career Choice


Speaking about the 21st century, people have a huge canvas to fill in with their choicest career. Thorough interest, profound skills, and abilities are the key ingredients for a successful career. One such evolving and lucrative career path is in the field of Business Intelligence. The field is undoubtedly emerging with new sets of business models developing to caters to the needs of consumers as well as service providers. The potential is huge with several career choices within the field BI.

BI offers a number of incentives to an individual opting for a career. Rapid advancement in the path of career, handsome pay, and immense knowledge in the business world are a few of those incentives. If you think that not every individual is capable of staying in the field of BI, you might be mistaking. An individual, if amalgamates, all his skills alongside business sense and technical knowledge, once surely can make a name for himself.

To enter the field of BI one has multiple doors open to several industry-specific areas be it the business project manager to the business intelligence consultant or from the business intelligence developer to the SQL server Business Intelligence. From an out-and-out perspective of the BI there two major ends to enter the sector- the front end and the back-end. The decision making is on the individual’s side as they want it to be a generalized career path or a specialized one.

BIBI; as a career path, offers a variety and periodic change of work process since each project that shows up is different from the other. Therefore, the demand for the individuals to have business skills and technical expertise, which is necessary for the path of BI.

Below are the different windows that open up in the sector of Business Intelligence:

  1. Business Intelligence Analysts
  2. Business Intelligence Project Manager
  3. BI Developer
  4. BI Administrator
  5. BI Consultant
  6. SQL Server Business Intelligence
  7. Data Warehousing Consultant
  8. ETL Developer

The importance of BI and Big Data Analysis can be easily measured with the instance that there are only 20% of the personnel working in the Business Intelligence industry. Considering the present evolution in the business market, the gap will widen. Therefore, the scope in the industry for you to enter is immense.

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