Best Features of Opennaukri App


Gone are the days when classifieds were used to find a job vacancy. With the introduction of online job portals and job search mobile applications, finding jobs has become as stress-free as click of a mouse.

Searching government jobs is easy now. Use Opennaukri Job search app to find the most relevant public sector jobs. Now you can search jobs on various parameters such as location, qualification, and state, at any time with your mobile connectivity.

This new generation job search app has come up with advanced features to help you make a better move in today’s competitive world. It has brought all government jobs on your fingertips, and applying to such jobs can be done within fraction of seconds.

Make your first or next big career move by registering with Opennaukri app.

Best Features of the App

1. Advanced Search

Opennaukri gives you an advanced search option. Using this you can search jobs based on your educational qualification, states, government sectors, job title, keyword, or location.

    • Search based on keyword/job title, or location




    • To search jobs based on your educational qualification, click on Education, select your educational qualification and sub education from drop down menus, hit search button. This will give you a list of all jobs.


    • To search jobs based on states, select state and search, and you will get all jobs from that particular state.


    • To search jobs based on government sectors, select government sector and sub sector from the dropdown menus, and search, you will get the list of all relevant jobs.

2. Filter

Filter is a wonderful feature that helps narrow your search. You can use filter with all search options, sector, state or education.

3. Create Job Feed

Search job using any of the search features provided by the app. The app allows you to save your search.

To save your search, click on “Save this Search” and it will take you to “Create Job Feed” page, where you can choose to receive new jobs notifications, new job emails.

You can create job feed for government sector, educational qualification, or location, for which you want to get job notifications.

4. Save Your Favourite Jobs

You can save your favourite jobs by using save option of the app. The benefit of saving a job you want to apply for is that you can access the information easily on a button press.

You can review all jobs saved, viewed and expired, along with the saved filters using “My Jobs” option.

“My Jobs” will show you all the jobs saved and viewed by you, along with all expired jobs from the jobs you saved. “My Filter” will show you all the filters saved by you.

5. Follow Government Sectors

The Sectors option on the main screen allows you to see all the government sectors under “All Sectors,” along with the number of followers of that sectors, and number of jobs posted.

Under “Followed” you ca see all the sectors you follow.

To follow a sector click on the sector from list of sectors under “All Sectors” and Click Follow. Following a sector will keep you update with latest opportunities in that sector.

6. My Account
You can also create an account with Opennaukri. You just need to have an email id to create your account “Me”.

You can also sign up using your Facebook or Google account.

Adding your mobile number is a win-win case, as soon as you register your number you start getting SMS notifications of latest govt. jobs.

7. Read Blog

You can read blog post on your mobile. A direct link to blog is provided in the app, to use it simply click on “Me”, and then click on blog.

Opennaukri blog is a must read for all government exam aspirants. It covers current affairs, exam preparation tips, best books, shortcut tricks, etc. in both Hindi and English Language.

Use Opennaukri App to:

  • Search, View, and Apply to all relevant government jobs.
  • Search jobs based on location, sector, state, education to find the most appropriate job.
  • Advanced parameters “filter” to refine your search results
  • Save jobs to apply on them later
  • Keep track of all the jobs you have saved and applied for using “My Jobs”
  • Create job Feed and get notifications that matter most to you
  • Register your mobile number to get instant job updates
  • Read blog on your mobile
  • Share jobs with friends on social network

With Opennaukri app, searching government jobs has become easier than ever. So why to wait, download Opennaukri Job Search App now and move a step closer to your dream job.

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