A Glimpse of What Government Officials in India Receive as Pay


The number of aspirants for government jobs has shown a steady incline in the recent years. Factors like the recent recession and poor job security in private companies has led to a significant increase in the demand for government jobs. Earlier people opted for government jobs only due to their financial security but, in the recent years’ salary of government employees have been revised and increased handsomely on the recommendation of pay commissions.

Generally, government salaries depend on the position and rank of office held by the employee. It means that a senior clerk will under normal circumstances earn more than a junior one. The highest salary of a government employee in India is of the president. Except for the PSUs (public sector undertakings), no other government official can have a salary greater than that of the Indian president. The president’s on paper salary is about 1.5 lakh per month. Aside from this the president of India enjoys many more perks. The vice president of India has a salary of 1.25 lakhs which is a bit lower than the president. The chief ministers of the other Indian states have different salaries ranging from some thousands a month to more than a lakh. The governor of a state is presented with a bigger salary than the chief minister and has a salary of about 1lakh 10 thousand a month.

Civil services officers are paid according to their rank and office. The highest salary among the civil services officers is of the cabinet secretary of India, which is more than 1 lakh per month. The cabinet secretary who is the senior most officer in the civil service receives the highest salary. The governor of the Indian reserve bank also receives one of the highest pay packages among the government employees. Other than additional incentives he receives a salary of just slightly less than 1.5 lakhs a month.

Among judiciary employees the highest salary is paid to the chief justice of India. Apart from a monthly paycheck of 1 lakh the chief justice also enjoys a whole lot of additional benefits that come with his office. They are provided with good accommodation and transportation facilities. The other judges in the Supreme Court are paid between 90000 to 1 lakh per month. High Court judges are paid just a slight less than their Supreme Court colleagues.

The salaries are revised at periodic intervals by specially set up pay commissions. The government acts on the recommendation of the commission while increasing salaries. Government undertakings like the PSU’s enjoy a bit higher salary than government employees. These companies aren’t fully under control of the government as they are public private partnerships. The different PSUs have their own different salary standards and so the payments for their employees differ. The salary of employees in autonomous bodies and semi government organizations isn’t fully in control of the government.

The state government employees have different payment standards and their salaries are generally lower than central or federal employees. Due to the different policies of the various state governments the salary of an employee would vary for two states even if they have the same rank.

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