10 tips to get a job in Indian Railways

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Indian railway jobs are much sought out for in the country due to many reasons. A government job provides economic security and its employees never have to worry about getting fired or losing their jobs. As the railways are under the central government their employees receive their salaries according to the benchmarks laid down by the pay commission. Apart from these the other benefits of a railway job include accommodation facilities and free travelling passes. Also the railways commands a certain respect in India and a person working in the organization is generally looked up to. Here are 10 tips that can prove valuable to government job aspirants seeking a career in the Indian Railways.

1. Read a lot of newspapers and magazines. This helps in improving the general awareness of a candidate. Generally all the railway jobs have a general awareness test as part of their recruitment policy. Group discussion and coaching can also be helpful in increasing general awareness.

2. Understand the pattern of the railway exam. Generally all the railway jobs have a test to screen candidates. Aspirants should understand the pattern of the exams and familiarize themselves with it. This helps in removing uncertainty and fear from the mind of the aspirants as they can prepare according to the requirements. This will help them score better in the exam.

3. Keep an eye out for railway recruitment notifications. Generally the railways publish their recruitment notices in all the popular newspapers. Additionally recruitment notices are being posted online at various job search sites too. The notices are useful to the candidates as they provide additional information on the tests. This additional information can boost your preparation by allowing you to make a timetable.

4. Find other students preparing for the same job. Keeping yourself in contact with students having similar academic goals, it will help you understand exam topics better and will also motivate you to perform better. Additionally it also relieves the stress of the selection tests.

5. Make a detailed plan for your preparation. The toughest part of getting a railways job is the entrance test. Generally these tests consist of multiple sections which test the aspirants’ knowledge across various subjects like maths and English. Studying all the sections according to a smart plan allows for better preparation in a shorter time duration.

6. Prepare notes of important formulas and concepts. It will help you save time during revision.

7. Work on your quantitative, verbal and logical abilities. Generally the railway job test consist of these sections. Daily practice is a must to master these abilities.

8. Solve previous papers, they will give you a good idea of difficulty level of the exam and exam pattern. Practicing them will also help understand which section you should attempt first.

9. Give mock tests. Mock tests are replicas of the original job tests. Mock tests are extremely useful as they allow an aspirant to identify his/her strong and weak areas and prepare accordingly. Also the mocks can provide an indication of your level of preparedness, and will also give an idea of the time management.

10. Know all about your exam centre. If possible visit your centre a few days beforehand and sort out any transportation issues. Also keep an eye out for alternative routes to the exam centre so that you can reach there in time even in an emergency.

Apart from all the above tips, make sure you to keep all the relevant and necessary documents safe and within reach. Take your own stationery like pen, pencils etc. Reach your test venue with some time to spare. Also, sleep well on the night before your exam. Eat properly and drink plenty of water. Try to keep your mind stress and tension free. Don’t study till the last moment, though you can revise short notes prepared during the exam preparation. It’s good to watch a movie or listen to music to get refreshed.

Aim for your goals, be passionate and express lots of interest in your chosen career.

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