10 Major Apps Launched by Indian Government That You Must Try


The current Indian government has placed a great emphasis on providing the people of this country with workable and useful digital solutions. In fact the main aim of the digital India initiative was to improve awareness among the people regarding digital solutions. The government has released some mobile applications for the public as part of this initiative. These mobile apps are related to women safety, cleanliness, education, tourism, e-governance, railway ticket booking and healthcare. Here are a list of the 10 important apps released by the government that make things a lot easier for the people.

1. My Gov App
This app was created for simply connecting the people of this country with the government. With the help of this app the common public can now take part in discussions with the government and also provide suggestions regarding important topics. Latest developments can also be tracked with the help of this application.

2. Voter Name App
This app helps voters to locate their name in the electoral list. Additionally they can also find out about their respective polling booths. The app utilizes messaging services to provide information to its users.

3. Swachh Bharat App
As the name suggests this app was launched by the government to support its Swachh Bharat initiative launched in October 2014. The primary function of this application is to increase awareness about cleanliness among the people of the country and also helps them keep track of the progress made by the initiative so far.

4. mPassport Seva App
This app helps people keep track of their passport applications. Additionally it also contains information on the procedures for getting a passport and information on the location of passport issuing offices and centres. The app also allows users to check their passport application status using date of birth and file number. This app has turned the difficult task of getting a passport into a comparatively easier chore.

5. Narendra Modi App
This app was created to facilitate communication between the people of this country and the prime minister’s office. People can keep track of the latest developments and also share their suggestions and complaints with the help of this application. The app allows users to share their ideas, interact with their prime minister, and provides information about initiatives and achievements of the government.

6. Grameen Vidyutikaran App
This application keeps track of the progress made in electrification of rural areas. Users of this app can track the villages and areas that have already been electrified and also know about the areas that are going to be electrified next.

7. Post Info App
This app is the official app of the Indian Departments of Posts. The app allows users to track and keep tabs on letters and parcels sent through the postal service of India. The app also contains information on the location of post offices and can be used to roughly calculate postage costs without needing to visit a post office.

8. Incredible India App
This app was launched by the Indian Ministry of Tourism. The app is designed for use by the tourists visiting the country. It contains information on registered tourism agents and agencies. It also contains a list of popular tourist spots in any given area.

9. NTES App
This app is designed for use by railway commuters of the country. This app allows people to track the real time location of any train anywhere in the country. Additionally the application also contains information on the schedule and run time of all important trains.

10. IRCTC Connect App
This application helps people book railway tickets on their smartphones easily. People also can check seat availability, train schedules and latest announcements without needing to use a computer as all these things can be done on a smartphone.

Winding It Up

Apart from these 10, there are several other apps launched by the government of India which include mobile security app M-Kavach, Rakshak app for women and senior citizens safety, Khoya Paya app for helping the vulnerable and missing children, MEAIndia app launched by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs to provide all information related to the ministry.

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