Weekly Current Affairs Quiz – 3 to 9 February 2020

weekly current affairs quiz

This weekly current affairs quiz includes all the important news and events that can be asked as questions in the competitive exams. This is weekly GK quiz helps you test your general knowledge.

If you are reading the newspaper daily to prepare for the current affairs, then it would be easy for you to answer questions asked in this quiz. If you get stuck somewhere, answer section will help you. Detailed answers for the questions is included, it is for help but try to answer questions honestly and then check if you are correct or not.

Give a try to this weekly current affairs quiz:

National Current Affairs 

Q.1  Which state becomes baggesd first position for best implementation of Pradhan Mantri Matra Vandana Yojana?

Q.2 Who recently won the International Gandhi Award for Leprosy (IGAL) in the individual category?

Q.3 What is the name of the Indian Scientist appointed to lead a team to develop Corona Virus Vaccine?

Q.4 According to the recent statement from the National Statistical Office (NSO), what is the GDP growth rate of India in 2018-19 on 31 January 2020? 

Q.5 Indian Navy conducted its coastal security exercise ‘Matla Abhiyaan’ in which Indian city?

Name the famous writer who has been selected for the Mystic Kalinga Literary Award (Indian and Global Language)?     

International Current Affairs 

Q.7 In which Indian city the first India-Africa Defence Ministers’ Conclave was held recently?

Q.8 After a gap of 12 years, which city will be hosting the 22nd India International seafood show?

Q.9 After China, which country has reported the highest number of Corona Virus patients?

Q.10 How much donation has been called by World Health Organisation (WHO) to fight novel coronavirus?    

Sports Current Affairs

Q.11  What is the name of the Indian Athlete who has won gold at Senior Women’s National Weightlifting Championship?

Q.12 Which country has won the U-19 cricket world cup?

Banking Current Affairs     

Q.13 What is the minimum period to accept deposit under the Foreign Currency Non-Resident (FCNR) scheme?  

Q.14 Which organization regulates the Insurance companies in India?

Q.15 Which organization solely monitors and arranges the flow of agriculture credit in India?  

Weekly Current Affairs Quiz Answers

In this section, you will find the answers to all the questions asked in the weekly current affairs quiz. For every right answer, award yourself one mark and for every wrong answer, do not add or deduct anything. If you score 70% or above, then tap your back as you are good at current affairs. If your score is too less, then you need to work on improving your current affairs.

Ans.1 Madhya Pradesh implemented the PMMVY most effectively. The state minister of Women and Child Development, Imarti Devi and Principal Secretary, Anupam Rajan received the award from Union Minister of Women and Child Development Smriti Irani for the excellent implementation of this scheme.

Ans.2 Dr. NS Dharmashaktu won the International Gandhi Award for Leprosy in the individual category. He received this award for his brilliant work towards fighting leprosy.

Ans.3 Mr. S S Vasan has been appointed as the head of the team of researchers to develop a vaccine to fight the Coronavirus. The Coronavirus started from Wuhan has now reached nearly 31 countries in the world, and still, no vaccine has been invented by scientists to cure or stop it from spreading. 

Ans.4 According to the National Statistical Office (NSO), the revised estimate for the economic growth rate of India in 2018-19 on 31 January 2020 is 6.1% instead of 6.8%. 

Ans.5 The Coastal Security Exercise ‘Matla Abhiyan 2020’ was conducted by Indian Navy in Kolkata. 

Ans.6 Odisha Writer Manoj Das has been selected for the Mystic Kalinga Literary Award (Indian and Global Language). 

Ans.7 The first India-Africa Defence Ministers’ Conclave was held in Indian state of Lucknow.

Ans.8 22nd India International seafood will be hosted by Kochi.

Ans.9 After China, Japan has reported the highest number of patients of the Corona Virus.

Ans.10 According to the WHO, the amount of USD 675 m is required to handle the Coronavirus. WHO requested the global community to donate more to raise funds to fight against this deadly virus.

Ans.11 Rakhi Halder of Bengal grabbed gold in the 64 kg category of the 35th edition of the Senior Women’s National Weightlifting Championships held at Khudiram Anushilan Kendra in Kolkata. 

Ans.12 Bangladesh won the U-19 cricket world cup defeating India in the finals.

Ans.13 The minimum maturity period of the deposit under the FCNR scheme is one year. Earlier, the minimum period was six months, but it was revised in 1999. The maximum deposit period is five years.

Ans.14 Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) is the concerned authority to regulate insurance companies in India.

Ans.15 National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) monitors and arranges the flow of agriculture credit in India.

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