Tips for New India Assurance (NIA) Assistant Exam Preparation


What is New India Assurance (NIA)?

The New India Assurance Co. Ltd is one of the five Wholly Government of India owned assurance companies. It is India’s largest general insurance company and was founded by Sir Dorabji Tata in 1919 and nationalised in 1973.

Tips for New India Assurance (NIA) Assistant Exam:

Preliminary Examination:

This exam will be conducted online and will be for 100 marks. You will have an hour to complete these objective tests and they can be divided into 3 sections

  • Reasoning (35)

This usually consists of general topics like verbal reasoning, classification, analysis, cause-effect etc. So you need to be prepared accordingly

– Firstly practice such questions with a time line so that you can improve your analysis skills under pressure

– Do crosswords, Sudoku etc. to fresh your brain and make it sharper

  • Quantitative Aptitude (35)

This is the more mathematically inclined part of the preliminary exams so you need to be prepared accordingly

– Practice aptitude questions with a stop watch, in order to enhance your speed at answering questions correctly

– DI questions are very lengthy so make sure to practice few such questions before you attempt the examination otherwise your time might get wasted during the exam

– Don’t linger on a question as time is of essence

  • English (30)

Various aspects of the English language like idioms, jumbled sentences etc. will be there. The tips for this part of the exam are

– If you are poor in English grammar, it is highly recommended that you practice thoroughly because a simple mistake can cost you the whole mark

– Read more English books, newspapers, magazines etc. to familiarize yourself with the wording and improve your command on the language.

Main Examination:

This examination will be for 200 marks with four sections – reasoning, English language, quantitative aptitude and general knowledge; 50 marks allotted for each sections. Tips for main exam are

  • The preparation will be quite similar to that of the preliminary examination the reasoning, English language and quantitative aptitude and general knowledge sections need the same amount and kind of training.
  • The additional general knowledge section for this paper can be quite difficult especially if you are someone who doesn’t stay updated with international and national news. So for this section you need to prepare yourself by reading newspapers, magazines, headlines etc.
  • Educate yourself with the current affairs, note down any news that seem to have a large impact on the world and nation etc.
  • Computer section might also be present so as a precautionary measure brush up and update your computer skills. Make sure to learn about operating systems, MS Word etc. as questions regarding them might be present.
  • Practice previous year’s papers and take guidance from the study material available.

Descriptive Test:

This is a 30 mark test where you will be given 30 minutes to complete. This section of the paper will be done through on-line mode and this paper will consists of English language; where essay has 20 marks and letter writing has 10 marks.

  • Practice essay writing and letter writing, it is highly recommended that you brush up your typing skills so that you can complete your paper in the least amount of time.

Hope these simple tips help you out! Do you best and good luck for your exam!

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