These CDS 2019 Interview Tips Will Get You Success

How to Prepare for CDS (II) Exam 2019

CDS or Combined Defence Service Examination is one of the most prestigious examination for defence entry, conducted twice a year. They are conducted by UPSC in the form of CDS 1 and CDS 2. In addition to this, the examination is conducted to be the part of Air Force Academy, Indian Naval Academy, Indian Military Academy and Officers Training Academy. Once, the initial level is cleared, then a candidate has to take SSB interview round (Service Selection Board). It is believed that SSB interview is the toughest stage of CDS selection process.

No matter how much you search Google for ‘how to prepare for CDS interview’, it is still difficult to get the most accurate and valuable CDS 2019 interview tips. So, here we have researched and gathered some valuable tips for you. Remembers extraordinary people are not different, they just do things differently. Read on to know how what factors impact your success in SSB round. You surely need to work hard for this.

CDS interview tips

Let us be clear, there are no fixed rules that can actually help you out in CDS 2019 exam, and there are no magic interview preparation tips for CDS. All it requires is a process that might make you feel confident and prepared for CDS SSB interview round. Read on to know how to be confident and give the best possible answers for questions asked.

  1. Know the Procedure – Doing your homework to the best is one of the major forms. If you know the procedure of the SSB round, then you will know how your answers should be. A certain idea about the unknown is better than knowing nothing. Also, take few tests to polish up your interview preparation. Experience of previous candidates will help you know the common questions for CDS interview.
  • The Habit of Practice – As mentioned above simply knowing the CDS 2019 interview tips will not save you. Hence, you need to keep practising and give your best effort in the mock test. The test-wise preparation is considered as one of the best forms to increase the chances of success. It will give you the closest idea about the topics that are asked in the interview.
  • Don’t be Nervous – It is an essential point, the SSB also observe a candidate on the basis of their confidence. Hence, when it comes to ‘how to prepare for CDS interview’, the very first thing is to work on your confidence level. It is critical to ensure that you are not showing any kind of nervousness during the interview. This can be eliminated with the help of proper practice. Ask your friends to have a small round with you containing common questions for CDS interview. This will help in boosting your confidence.
  • Coaching – There are many people that will try to opt the path of coaching while others will say a big NO. However, there is nothing wrong to attend coaching. If you are confused about how to start the preparation, you definitely need some kind of guidance or coaching. When you plan to join a coaching, take suggestions from successful candidates, or choose one that prepares candidates for SSB and have proven history of success. This will give you a head start to face your interview round.
  • General Knowledge – No matter how many interview preparation tips for CDS you go through, you will find that GK is something that is in the list (or must be in it). This is something that will be asked no matter what. It can be about the world or India only. Also, current affairs are another factor that must be kept in mind while working on the preparation. Remember that daily newspaper is GK bible. The CDS 2019 interview tips for all the tiers will contain a regular reading of newspaper and be updated with the world.
  • Detailed Knowledge – GK is not the only important topic that must be covered for every single tier. There are many other common topics that are a must know when it comes to SSB round. It will include, History of India, Indian Politics, Armed Forces in India, Current Affairs of India, etc. Either it is group discussion or personal interview, these are the few topics that are usually covered. Hence, you must make a list of it while working on the ‘how to prepare for CDS interview’.
  • Dress – These might be a vague part to you for CDS interview tips but it is one of the major game changers. We all have heard many times that dresses can speak a lot about a person. Hence, to make a good impression in the SSB round, you must be prepared for every single aspect. It will contain the knowledge about dressing appropriately.
  • Honest – While working on the interview preparation tips for CDS, you need to make sure that you are honest about your opinions. Make it simple and crisp while answering and if you don’t know a certain thing (that is a big possibility) then make sure to not answer at all. Even during the common questions for CDS interview mock test, there is no need to show off your smartness. You made it to the SSB round and hence they know that you are smart already. Just be yourself and don’t pretend otherwise it might tick them off.

The Bottom Line

The article includes tips that can help you attain success in CDS SSB interview. Both theoretical knowledge and current affairs, general knowledge are equally important. In addition to this, one must have an idea of what kind of question can be asked and prepare accordingly. Also, you can appear for mock interview questions that can help you. For the interview preparation tips for CDS go through the article.

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