“Selfie With Daughter” Mobile App: All You Need to Know


Female foeticide is the act of aborting a foetus after knowing that the gender is female and this inhuman act is quite prominent in India. Many steps have been taken to make the general public aware of the callous act and its effect on the whole population. One such amazing step taken by the Indian government is the launch of the “Selfie with Daughter” mobile app.

On 9th June, 2017 at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, Delhi the President of India – Pranab Mukherjee launched the “Selfie with Daughter” mobile app. This app aims to generate awareness about sex selection and female foeticide with the gentle and innovative act of taking a selfie with your daughter.

In June 2015, the president approached the former head of Haryana’s Jind district’s Bibipur village, Sunil Jaglan for initiating a campaign towards the issue of female foeticide. Being a long time hard worker in the field of village development and female empowerment, Sunil readily accepted this task and started the innovative campaign with the act of taking a selife with his daughter. The whole campaign became a success worldwide thus creating awareness about the importance of daughter.

President Mukherjee said that “Selfie with Daughter” has become a worldwide movement against female foeticide and sex selection,” therefore he urges everyone to take a selfie with their daughter and upload it into the application thereby making the whole campaign a success.

Selfie is a trend that has gained a great deal of popularity over the past 5 years and this campaign uses the selfie trend as a gentle persuasion towards the path female empowerment and development. Many celebrities have participated actively in this campaign and this includes the Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi. In US during a meeting his meeting with Silicon Valley CEOs PM Modi said that this is an international movement that can create great social changes.

A single selfie may not seem like a big thing but with this app many can contribute to the campaign thus and creating better as well as swift awareness on the matter of female infanticide and foeticide.

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