MadhuApp – Smart Learning Mobile App Launched by Odisha Government

Madhuapp Smart Learning Mobile Application

A smart learning mobile application called ‘MadhuApp’ has been launched by Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister of Odisha,. The app is developed with an aim to help school students in Odisha in learning their lessons through tutorials and videos. The courses have been prepared in Odia language and have been prepared in such a way that students will find it easy to understand.

Understanding MadhuApp

Madhu App has been named after ‘Utkal Gourab’ Madhusudan Das, who was the first graduate and advocate of the state of Odisha. Ganjam district administration has developed the app in accordance with the 5T action plan of Odisha state government. Now, you might have a question what is 5T action plan? What is the meaning of 5T? So, in 5T action plan, 5T stands for Technology, Transparency, Teamwork, Transformation and Time.

The app comprise of study material in Odia language in the form of video and tutorials, prepared by leading subject school experts and educationists of the state. In the first phase of the app, the study material for Mathematics and Science Subjects for classes 5th to 8th is created. Other subjects will also be added for these classes, as well as the app will cover other classes.

Madhu app will let students learn concepts quickly and easily, with no need of enrolling in a tuition class. The app will give real time classroom experience to the candidates. The best part of app is that it also includes interactive question and answer sessions.

What is 5T Action Plan?

The 5T plan was approved by Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik on 25th July 2019 for Higher Education Department, with an objective to ensure better service delivery to public in Higher Education sector. The 5Ts in the action plan aim at achieving progress through Transparency, Teamwork, Technology, Transformation and Time. The 5T action plan includes several initiatives such as creation of a ‘Mo College’ platform in line with ‘Mo School’ campaign of the state government to allow alumni and other interested individuals to contribute to development of college. Under the action plan the guidelines for distribution of laptop will also be revised. Also, the formation of Odisha Scholarship Council for distribution of scholarships was also a part of plan. It also voiced uniform transfer policy for both teaching and non-teaching staff.

Wrapping Up

MadhuApp is a smart step from Odisha government to help students in learning as well as save on tution fee. The study material is prepared by best school teachers of the state.

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