A Comparison of Regular and Work-From-Home Jobs


Making career decision isn’t easy, and when you have to decide between regular job and work from home career it becomes even more challenging. Now before you make a decision ask yourself a few question, why you need a job? What are your expectations with a job? What type of work attracts you? Do you have answers for these. If yes, it would become easy for you to decide between a regular job or work-from-home.

When money is your ultimate goal, you can achieve it either by doing a regular job or by working from home. But, the amount of money you make varies depending on your skills and experience.

Work-from-Home Vs Regular Job

Most people believe that regular job offers better opportunities and exposure in comparison to working from home. This is true to some extent, but every coin has two sides. So both the careers have their own benefits and limitations.

  • Choosing a career completely depends on your personal views, and what you want form your career.
  • If you seek growth and success, this is possible through both types of career.
  • If you are looking for comfort, work-from-home would be a good choice.
  • Regular job gives you a fixed earning every month, while work-from-home pays you for the amount of work done.
  • In regular jobs, you get yearly appraisals, while in work-from-home jobs their is no such fixed criteria.
  • The common thing in both the jobs is that both pay you according to your skills and experience.
  • In a regular job you are required to go to company’s specific location for 8-9 hours of working a day, while work from home has no fixed working hours and allows you to work from the comfort of your home.

Now those seeking a career in government sector should know that, that even this sector offers work-from-home opportunities.

Government Jobs Vs Private Jobs

The craze for government jobs in India is not hidden from anyone. And the reasons for the same are pretty easy to guess. A few to name would be good salary, job security, fix working hours, holidays, and other perks. Now let’s see how people see private sector jobs. Private sector jobs are high paying, long working hours, less leaves, and other perks based on the company policies.

Now, as I say every coin has two sides. How private jobs are better then  government jobs. For private jobs you usually have to appear for interview and get to know your result immediately. Whereas to get a government you need to appear for prelims exam, wait for the result, when selected are required to appear for main exam, when shortlisted are for interview.

But the good things is that both types of job opportunities are available in private sector and government sector. So depending on your choice of sector, you can get a job of your choice.

Work From Home Careers

Work from home jobs are an excellent way of earning, which slowly can lead to entrepreneurship. Work from home careers are best for housewives and people who love to work from the comfort of their home. This career is also associated with slow and steady income.

Work from home jobs are best for those who do not want to work under others. Those who cannot imagine working in a team. But, this career keeps you away from getting experience of working with co-workers and also reduces time spent in your social life. Whereas the benefits of the job include unlimited vacations, being your own boss, deciding your work timings, and taking up work based on your choices.

To help those self-motivated, skilled, disciplined, and independent people looking for work from home careers, we have listed some of the careers you can opt for:

1. WriterYou can be a writer if you love playing with words. If you are able to convert your thoughts into words, you can give this career a try.

2. Web Designer/Developer– You can work as a freelance web designer/developer to make some money out of your talent. Finding the right job is a struggle.

3. Travel Agent – This could be a wonderful option for travel enthusiast. If you love travelling and planning trips, you are good to give a head start to this career.

4. Medical Transcriptionist – Medical transcription might be a new work for some, but this is a career that can help you generate good amount of money while sitting at home.

5. Virtual Assistant – This is one of the best jobs one can do from home. The responsibilities of virtual assistant is similar to an assistant, the only different is in the mode of work.

The Bottom Line

The article discusses difference between regular jobs and work from home careers. Most of the Indian people want to get into a regular job and earn a fixed income, while we have no shortage of those who dream of walloping the odds and netting living from home or by being an entrepreneur.


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