Know About India’s First All-women Bank “Bharatiya Mahila Bank”


Bharatiya Mahila Bank (BMB) is the first dedicated women’s bank in the country, which was set up for promoting women’s entrepreneurship. While this bank allows both men and women to open accounts and deposit funds, women are given a higher priority while giving out loans. Starting in the year 2013, the bank has since rapidly expanded and now has a large number of branches situated all over the country. While the rapid expansion may seem normal, it is infact a laudable effort as the bank has been operational for just the past 3 years. The bank also doesn’t have any policy against recruitment of men and both the genders are employed by it. The bank operates just as any other public sector bank of the country and the positions available here are similar to the jobs at other banks.

The bank has primarily been started for empowerment of women in the country. As a normal Indian women may find it difficult to know about it, the Mahila bank partners with local NGO’s and social workers to increase its spread and to improve on its effectiveness. Women from all sectors and occupations can approach the bank for a loan. The bank is heavily biased and prioritized towards women in the matter of lending and so is a commendable effort towards increasing financial independence of women in the country. It can help women entrepreneurs and business professionals a great deal by providing them hassle free loans at low interest rates.

The jobs offered in this bank are pretty much similar to the jobs at other national banks. Probationary and Specialist officers are selected through exams. Generally the exams consist of multiple choice objective questions and test the candidate’s knowledge of quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning and English. The exam pattern is similar to other bank exams, but the difficulty level varies. The bank issues notifications whenever there are vacancies available and which are published in leading newspapers. Candidates should download Opennaukri mobile app to know about the same. Bharatiya Mahila Bank probationary officer’ eligibility test may contain sections dedicated to testing the candidate’s awareness of general subjects. Generally an interview is a part of the standard recruitment policy of the bank and appointment of all major positions is done only when the candidate successfully clears it.

While the probationary & specialist officers are selected through examinations, senior management positions are offered after a group discussion or a personal interview. There may be some additional eligibility criteria and age limits for higher level management jobs at the bank. Depending on the post the bank has some eligibility prerequisites and only the candidates who meet them are allowed to proceed further. The examinations for the probationary officers are pretty much similar to the other bank exams like SBI PO, IBPS and RBI. The questions asked in the Mahila bank exam maybe a bit easier compared to the above mentioned bank examinations. Candidates also can apply for the position of clerks.

Though the idea of a dedicated women’s bank was new at the time, the bank has managed to expand itself both territorially and financially. It has branches in almost all the major cities of India. It is a good bank to work for as it is a public sector bank and so its employees enjoy all the benefits of a well-paying government job.

Women in India are the most underutilized economic asset of the country. Finally we have a bank in India that lends mostly to women and women-run enterprises, and supports women’s livelihood. The bank employs mostly women, and also addresses government’s gender-related aspects and financial inclusion.

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