9 Career Myths That Are Holding You Back

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Long back, a motivational speaker said in a seminar that we become what we think. Like a small chain, hold the big elephant in the same way hold your capabilities. The myths are so much involved in our professional life that they not just holding us back but also making us laugh at those who want to break it. But myths are false tales only, and one day they are to be broken.

In today’s time, when you carry the knowledge on your mobile phone and get any information in a few seconds, these myths exist. Moreover, knowingly or unknowingly, we also follow them. The result of the career myths, you have a good job but not as great as it should be. 

Here we will discuss the career myths and facts that hold you from growing and achieving more;

9 Career Myths that are holding you back

The Career coaches and counselors always suggest the aspirants not to think about what others say. People must learn from others’ mistakes but not let their unsuccessful attempts hold you back from pursuing your dreams.

Most people tend to follow the path of successful people and not try something new. Those who take risks and try to do something different get recognized and appreciated. Currently, the office and work culture have changed, but we still follow the old mindset. The career myths are nothing but the result of this old mindset. Check some of the widely accepted myths that hold your professional growth. The career myths and facts here will clear your confusion and show you the ground reality of the corporate world;

Myth 1: A piece of paper cannot decide your future.

Fact: No, Your GPA and academic score play an important role in landing you on a perfect job.

Though it is not recommended to anyone to peruse in any course forcefully, you cannot ignore the importance of your marks in schools and colleges. For example, if you are interested in fine art and score good marks in it, you may get more future opportunities. Despite being good at fine arts but not to score good marks, the subject cannot help you. A few companies prefer to hire people with an impressive academic background if your dream is to get a good job and then invest some time in your studies.

Myth 2: A break in your career can end it.

Fact: You can make a comeback whenever you want to though it will not be a grand one; yes, the doors are always open for a qualified person.

Indian women take more career breaks in comparison to men. Men’s reason to take a career break is usually like for further studies. To start a start-up or personal reason and for women, the more common reasons to take a career break are motherhood or raising child, family issues, or further studies.

 No matter if you are a man or woman and the reason you have taken a break from your career, if you have the capabilities, you will be welcomed again. In most cases, the aspirant won’t get the same salary on which he left the job, but growth is on the way if the person is talented. Keep updating your skills when you are no break, and this strategy will help you when you restart your career.

Myth 3: Leadership is a born skill.

Fact: You can developed leadership qualities in you with time and experience.

Born skill itself a myth. No genes carry your parents’ expertise in you, so don’t give your ear to this born skill crap. A few people are confident enough to speak up and have problem-solving skills. You can be one of those, and for this, you need to get some confidence and skills to communicate with effective words.

Myth 4: Do not change your career to any other branch.

Fact: Most of the departments are interconnected, and if you feel you can do better in some other role, you must do it with strategic planning.

In career counseling, we find many people who are not happy with their present job but are scared to switch to another branch. When you become an expert in working at a particular department and know it’s all ins and outs, life becomes more comfortable. So changing the branch or department is as difficult as to come out from your comfort zone. If you strongly feel that you can work better in another department, you must go for it.

Myth 5: Working till the late hours will signify you as a hard-working employee.

Fact: Working for more than 8 hours frequently shows that the employee cannot make a work plan effectively.

If you have taken career counseling ever, then it is taught there that you must wind-up your work within the working hours. In-office, the work is endless, and spending a few more hours daily will not help you. Yes, if you have deadlines to meet, it can be justified once or twice, but if you are to stay in office for every project, you either lack expertise or don’t have good time management skills.

Myth 6: Working in a smaller city is better than working in a metro city.

Fact: Big cities offer better remuneration, along with more opportunities to learn and grow. Smaller cities can help you save a few bucks, but to grow and earn a company’s reputation, you must leave your nest and face a more challenging world. 

Myth 7: To be more influential and more successful, you must join the management.

Fact: It is one of the most acceptable myths that people in management have high salaries and reputation. But the fact is that you can be successful in your area of expertise as well. It would help if you had leadership qualities to be more influential and management is not the only department where a person with leadership qualities is required.

Myth 8: To be successful, follow a path of a successful person.

Fact: Don’t fall for this career myth. What works for others may or may not work for you. Everyone has different qualities, so you need to understand that one medicine cannot cure all the problems.

Myth 9: Feedback about your work always helps you out,whether positive or negative.

Fact: Your feedback always gives you the right direction to learn and work. So yes, it is a fact about career growth that you must positively take your work’s feedback. Though appreciations positively impact others’ working efficiency, negative feedback also works like wonders if taken positively. So don’t be afraid of negative feedback as it is to show you your weaknesses

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