5 Ways To Build A Voice Artist Career

Voice Artist Career

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Building a voice artist career doesn’t have to be difficult or costly, there are multiple things you can do in order to get started down the right track. Get over to this article today in order to learn about the top five ways that are proven to help you build your career!

What is Voice Acting?

Voice acting is a form of theatrical performance that uses recorded speech rather than written text, gesture, music score, dance, movement, pantomime, or facial expressions to tell a story or express character. This is useful for books or movies but can also be used for games and web series. It’s often difficult to pinpoint exactly where voice acting begins and writing ends because most voice actors are also considered “voice writers.”

How much do Voice Actors Make?

Voice actors are able to make a great income by working on advertisements, or making personal appearances. They also receive residual payments for re-uploads of the advertisement that they appeared in on YouTube after it has been up for 60 days.

Voice actors are typically responsible for creating characters that are appealing to the audience. They may be animators, cartoonists, actors, or even reporters. Generally, the higher the engagement of their viewers, the more money they make over their careers.
Artists also charge a fee for producing voice tracks of commercials which helps make up for their wages.

5 Ways To Build A Voice Artist Career

Building a voice artist career can seem daunting at first. But there are many ways to start out right, including the following advice.

Building a voice artist career is easier than you think with the right tools. The most important tool for this career is how to keep yourself motivated, which often comes down to turning your creative pursuits into income opportunities. You can start this process by creating mood boards filled with images that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also evoke creativity.

Once you’ve got all of your advertising images created, now it is time to sell them to advertisers who are looking for creative ways to promote their business.

  • If you’re interested in becoming a voice actor, there are many ways for you to get started. One of the most popular options is performing at conventions and festivals.
  • The opportunity to showcase your talent and talk with other voice actors and producers often comes up in these events.
  • Another way to start out is by recording and distributing your work on the internet. There are numerous websites that do just that, including VoicesForFree.com and Voice123.com. It doesn’t take long before subscribers respond with requests for your voice or say they need someone with your voice for a project they’re working on.

More about Voice Actors

  • Many people are desiring to move on from basic, brand names products and products that can be marketed with celebrity endorsements. Celebrities want to build their careers on unique voices not on products. These days, more than ever there are opportunities for new voice artists on the market.
  • Currently, the first step of building a voice artist career is obtaining education at one of the many colleges associated with voice acting.
  • Many voice actors are discovered through social media, YouTube channels, podcasts. Podcasts are perfect for building up your voice artist business.
  • Voice artists can go for audio engineering courses to start at the beginning.

Overview of job opportunities for voice artists

  • Voice actors have always been a hugely popular profession. With the exponential growth of video streaming services and the increase in people buying recordings online, there has been a large surge in demand for voice acting gigs.
  • In fact, several agencies report that voice-over jobs have tripled within the last few years.
  • With the growing demand for computer generated audio-textovers there are opportunities for voice artists in business and marketing.
  • This niche job combines the best of two worlds: voice overs and content marketing. Voice artist can be employed as part of an ad agency, a media company, or as an affiliate to perform work on commission basis.


You can build a career as a voice artist, using the following steps:
1) Find the right talent.
2) Build relationships with talent managers.
3) Build relationships with clients.
4) Write content about your voice talents for blog topics.
5) Create blogs about your lifestyle or industry to draw even more attention to clients.

A career in voice acting requires more planning and dedication than any other profession. If voice acting is your passion and your ultimate goal, you will not be able to do it for a living until you find an agent and book gigs. Experiment with freelancing places all the way up until you really get your career on track. Word of advice: Don’t expect overnight success, but it’s worth it.

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