10 Ways to Motivate Yourself By Steve Chandler: A Book You Must Read

10 ways to stay motivated book summary

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How do you stay motivated? What is your mantra of self motivation? The most common answer is when you watch a motivational video or movie. Watching such motivation, will boost up the zeal to accomplish a lot in life for the next few hours, but the next day you will go back to your normal life, where motivation is nowhere to be found. In search of motivation, you landed on the right page, here we bring to you summary of the book “10 Ways to Motivate Yourself: Change Your Life Forever” By Steve Chandler.

We hope after reading this page, you will buy the book and read it for the ultimate motivation. Steve’s book teaches you to motivate yourself and tells you how to help yourself throughout your life.

In the “10 Ways to Motivate Yourself” book summary, we will discuss 7 ways by Steve Chandler that will help you stay motivated everyday. We suggest you to buy this book to learn the ultimate motivation mantras, you can shop it from here.

So let’s get started…..

Put Your Imagination at Work

Your mood influences the way you see the world. What do you look for in a situation, closed door, or endless possibilities? Your attitude is important, so redefine it by finding out who you really want to be and what you really think. Also, understand the causes of different reactions, good or bad. Your ultimate motivation can be reached by knowing which goals and values ​​are your priorities.

Focus is the Key

Life is full of distractions and confusions, and when you engage with them, you lose focus. Lack of focus is the main reason that drains your energy and holds you from making progress in life. Time is of the essence to success, so don’t waste time on TV and focus on your goals instead. Refocus helps you get back on track, keeps you motivated and helps in reaching the goals.

Say No to Electric Dependence

You should always focus on your goals, not the consequences of failure. Remove distractions like television from your life. The more you don’t watch TV, the more focused and smarter you become. Ask yourself: “Which side of the screen would you like to see yourself?” Listen to your inner voice to control your thoughts. Limit your exposure to media, television, and other resources to keep your mind clean. Look at the relentless negativity you put into your brain. Remember that the news is distorted and negative and affects your thinking. Don’t put it in the subconscious. Filter consciously.

Goal Setting is Important

Your imagination is the key to achieving your goals. Set exciting, achievable and powerful goals to unchain your true potential. When you set goals, you unleash your inner creativity and imagination. Define your life goals and sketch the route. Aim for the biggest goal you can ever imagine. Why so? Look at yourself you need to work on your goals, and at present you don’t even have the motivation to get out of bed every day.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Lessons learned from mistakes are a great source of motivation. But learning from your mistakes and putting into practice what you have learned are two different things. Steve says you have to learn to use your mistakes, failures, and weaknesses as a guide to not do the same things again and do better the next time.

Do Something even if you are not Good at it

If you want to do something that you are good at, you must first want to just do it, even in a bad way. Maybe you didn’t reach your goal just because you thought you didn’t. Fear of failure can keep you from trying. Take a deep breath and just do it, no matter its good or bad. You must go through the first amateur phase on your life.

Let the trouble work for You

How many times have you noticed that what looked really bad was actually the good? Every situation has a lesson for us to learn. Your life lesson is in hard situations, you need to go through them and learn from it. Handling stress allows you to go deeper into yourself to take advantage of your true potential that you didn’t even know you had.

Steve Chandler in his book “10 Ways to Motivate Yourself” gives answers to the questions Can you do it? Can you stay motivated? How to stay motivated? Is it worth it? We hope “10 Ways to Motivate Yourself” book summary helps you find all the reasons to read this book. Steve says to think about how you can achieve your target in such a way that it no longer seems impossible to achieve.

Learn from life, and make your life simpler.

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